Saturday, September 25, 2010

Auto Blog Samurai Joke!! - Seriously read about Auto Blog Samurai here...

The Auto Blog Samurai is a highly unique piece of software that can create dozens of profitable blogs for its owner within a couple of minutes, and there is no need to input too much data manually into the software to do this. All the instructions for using this software step by step are provided in the downloadable PDF manuals that allows the building up of automated income streams.

The creator of this automation software is Paul Ponna, a professional Internet marketer who has also created several other best selling tools in the past like the Magic List Bot, Miracle Traffic Bot, Auction Acrobat and Disc Mojo.

1. How Much Time Do You Really Need To Profit From Auto Blog Samurai?

This tool is essentially made to be as simple to use as possible which can be picked up and profited from within 2-3 hours by a beginner. Every blog generated by this tool is highly keyword optimized in terms of its content which makes it much easier for search engines to pick up your blogs and place them in high ranking positions in the organic results. Niche auto blogs can be created very easily through the use of this software tool and results show that it can create from 10 to 100 blogs in a short time, each one with a potential to earn residual income if in the right niche.

2. How Much Income Can You Expect to Generate By Using Auto Blog Samurai?

It is very reasonable and conservative to estimate that each blog can generate up to $100 per month, provided that users follow the step by step niche selection system included with this course that teaches you how to find the right niches to target your blogs with. I personally managed to set up my first money making blog with this tool in the first 10 minutes even though I had never owned a Blogger or Wordpress blog before. However, you should note that some time and dedication is required especially in the beginning stages if you want to successfully create your online automated blogging business empire.

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